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G4+ extreme flat shifting how to


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Gear shift control is fairly complex and probably not something that can be explained in a single forum post.  Most of the gear shift control settings are quite well explained in the help file.   There are some set up examples on the page:  G4+ ECU Tuning Functions > Motorsport > Gear Shift Control > Gear Shift Control Examples

I suggest you get all the basics set up calibrated and working yourself first - gear barrel position, gear lever force, etc, then post your tune and some logs for help at that stage.

As for the strain gauge - most are pretty much the same, just go for a reputable brand.  Make sure it has the amplifier built in and a 0-5V output.  For a common saloon car length gear lever with the strain gauge in the shift knob you will need something capable of about 12Kg or 120N max load.  I have used Holinger and KA Sensors before, both pretty pricey.

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