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ECU change

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you will need to change 3 or 4 wires if you use them. Here is the monsoon pinout and i've circled the pins that change compared to the xtreme plug A. xtreme's have a plug B as well so obviously anything on that plug you will need to wire in fresh.

If you dont use CAN, DI4, or Aux5/6 then yes it plug in, upload the config, and away you go. Note that its probably a good idea to unplug injectors/spark/any other outputs prior to plugging in the blank ECU - you dont want random things turning on or off because the config is different to start with


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A couple of other things to check after loading your monsoon tune into an Xtreme:

Turn on the pull-up resistors on AN Temp 1 & 2 - these default to off since the Monsoon didnt have switchable pull-ups.

Check all the injector drives that are used for injection are all set to saturated drive mode.  Sometimes you will get some that get set to peak and hold.

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