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G3 LEM into Subaru trigger issues

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I’ve wired a lem g3 into a single turbo b4 (v5/6 wrx setup) and having issue trying to get the car to start. 


Keep getting trigger errors, crank is wired to trigger 1 and cam to trigger 2 and it seems as tho they are both giving signal but throwing the rpm signal off and throwing errors. 


Has anyone else had this issue and solved it? 


Trigger voltage is jumping from .50 to .79/80 on both cranking so presume it’s seeing the triggers but getting a fault for trigger 1 and no start every revolution, changed crank and cam sensors to try that and no difference  

RPM is jumping from 250-300 to 800ish well cranking too  


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Today voltage is jumping from .50 to about 1.2/5 and rpm cranking around 250 jumping to 450-600. 


Anyone have any ideas on why the voltages from the sensor would be so unstable?

Getting constant trigger error every revolution. 

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