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Radiator fan keeps running

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Hi tech support,

I've recently installed link plugin into my altezza. But I notice the radiator fan just keep running & wont shut off even though the water temp is low@normal. May I know how to configure this? For example, I only wanted to the fan to run when the temp is >90°c. And shutdown when it is <90°c. I am not a tuner but I want to try to set@configure it myself since I live hundred miles away from my tuner. 

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one of the aux outputs, injector outputs, or ignition outputs will be configured as "radiator fan". Find this and change it from polarity low to polarity high. If that fixes it then save the tune. 

This setting essentially swaps the on & off states as far as voltage/ground is concerned. Its quite possible the default tune on the ECU has this backwards for the wiring in your car. 

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1 hour ago, Adamw said:

Can you attach a copy of your tune.

May I know how to attach the tune copy? Link my laptop to the ecu & copy it? I haven't have the time to this yet because Im currently working & busy outstation. I just wanted to have some idea first. I will get back to you as soon as I finish working outstation. I really appreciate if you can help me since im not a tuner & my knowledge tuning is almost zero. Maybe with a good instruction I will be able to solve this issue.

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