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G4+ (Fury) Tuning Cable Extension

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If its working for you - then great, but in my experience they can be pretty flaky with extensions, so keep an eye on it and dont rule out the extension if you ever have trouble doing a store or downlolading a log etc.  I've had a few calls from MR2 owners in the past having comms problems due to needing an extension cable to reach the cabin.

If you ever have drama, a USB hub or active USB extension should work better in theory.  Or Richards USB server is a nice option too.

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Thanks Adam. Just for other people’s future reference who happen across this topic...

The cable I purchased is an ADVENT (AUEX48M15) USB 2.0 Extension. 3 metres (plugged into 1.5 metre Link tuning cable). Bought from Curry’s / PC World in UK.

I’ve done ignition base timing and about 2 hours of settings and fuel table stuff so far with no issues... however heed Adam’s warning in case there are connectivity issues!

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