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Help ignition issues with linkg4 on Dsm

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You have attached a log, not the map. 

When you say "break up" what do you mean - a misfire under load?  Does it run clean at lower boost?  What coils have you fitted?  What ECU/car is it?  Are the new coils still wired wasted spark?  You seem to be running a lot of advance for the boost it is seeing - What fuel is being used?  

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The ignition timing jumps @motomattx identified are probably because your ignition idle table isnt right. The values in there are not additive, they are absolute - so if your ignition table is set to 15*, you should have the "0 error" row of ign idle table also at ~15*. you have it at 0, so its slowing down nicely, then suddenly jumps to 0 or even negative timing as soon as it hits 1700rpm. You also have the speed lockout disabled by setting it to 0kph, so it can kick in at pace whenever your rpm gets low.

Looking at your log, there way also be some low load misfire/jumpy-ness at light throttle while picking up speed. Your idle control is not active here so it might be a differnt problem. This looks like it goes very lean around 2000-2500rpm when at light throttle, so I think you have 2x separate problems.

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