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Reverse Lockout Solenoid

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aux out triggering based on vehicle speed is what i've done in the past. Run 1 side of the solenoid to a relay fed 12v feed, and have the aux out ground the other side to set/release the solenoid. Single condition GP output based on driven wheel speed.

Note that this assumes you have the driven wheel speed inputs configured in chassis settings.

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4 hours ago, Stevieturbo said:

On my car, ( not Link ) I set it up with a 12v supply from the brake pedal ( ie, 12v when pedal pressed, old car ) and then an ecu trigger ground at sub 2 mph.

Your Vette may have a ground based brake pedal switch though. But no reason why speed only shouldnt be fine. 

No vette here.... just the transmission.

Thanks CJ.  That is what I was planning.

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