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sensor cross reference?

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I'm looking at the myriad of sensors that I have, and after looking at the config for temp and pressure sensors, I wanted to know is there some cross reference table of temp and cal tables for pressure sensors?   For instance for oil pressure and temp I'm using the bosch PST-1 combo sensor but I don't know what the selection would be on the config.   I'm also using the AEM 100PSI sensor for fuel pressure.   Factory water temp sensor for a Porsche 928, a factory trans temp sensor from a C5 Corvette Z06, and an Intake Air temp sensor from a late 90's Z28 LS1, and a GM 1 bar MAP sensor.  How do I choose what the selection would be in the sensor config?

I know where the individual sensor configs are, (analog temp) and that some of the pressure sensors use Cal tables

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For temp sensors there is a bit of info in the help file page: Technical Terms and Reference > Sensor Calibrations, but at lot of the time it just comes with experience...

For the oil press/temp, I suspect you have a PST-F1 (not the PST-1 map sensor?).  These use a common industry standard calibration.  Set the temp input to "Std Bosch NTC", set the pressure input to "1000Kpa TI sensor".

Factory water temp should be "Std Bosch NTC", a quick way to check is measure its resistance at room temp (about 20°C), it should be near 2500 ohms.

General motors generally use the "Delphi AC" calibration so the trans temp and IAT will most likely match that.  You can confirm again with a quick resistance test, delphi is usually 3300-3500 ohms at room temp.

The GM MAP sensor (assuming it is the old school delphi one with weatherpack connector) and AEM 100psi sensor need to use a custom calibration, suggest Cal 4, 5 or 6, set up like this:


AEM 100psi:



GM/Delphi 1Bar MAP:


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