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Injector duty cycle??

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On idle what should I expect my injector duty cycle to be. I'm trying to work out my resolutions in the fuel table. I have my injector master fuel at 6ms with plus 20% trim.

That's giving me around 38% in my fuel table on idle but my injector duty cycle seems really low at 1.6% maybe that's fine I'm relatively new to this just seems low to me. 

I'm running 550cc injectors on my R53 mini cooper s. 


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duty cycle at idle is pretty misleading because it has so much time between injection events, that the "% on time" is always going to be low.

normally i'd look more at "effective pulse width (ms)" as a measure of "normal". On a 1.6 with 550cc injectors its probably in the 0.7-0.8ms range.

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