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Setup and Tuning the Knock Control

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Guest |885|

Is there a good write up or info on how to setup and tune the Knock control system in the V88? I have a 1996 Audi S6 im trying to set it up on. Thanks. I have read threw the Help section in the software as well already.

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Suggest frequency be set to 6khz

Do a full power run and log knock levels. (Be sure the engine is not actually knocking)

Set threshold tables to about 25% higher.

Would also suggest some logging at light loads to allow setting of thresholds at lower power as well.

Also you can not share the sensor with another device. Each device will require its own sensor.

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Ok I did do that already but I have a few questions.

1 What are the knock Ign Trim by Cyl tables for? seems like I can set those per cylinder? Not sure how that works Help section says it will show knock amount while connected which is weird because I can set values in those tables? Hope you can follow that?

2 I set the ignition retard limit to 0 and it was still pulling 15 degrees that seemed weird. I had the knock target table set to low so it thought it was knocking.

3 While logging knock global what is the value that is shown? Is it just a random number or? I assume higher value is more noise/knock?

4 What does knock system status represent? it seems to go from 0-4 value while logging it.

5 What is a good advance rate to add timing back in?

6 I set the RPM Lock out low to a high value to try to disable knock control but still able to log the sensor but it still pulled timing even with the target table set to 500? but logged knock value was only less then 100?

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