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How can i get my gauges working through Link G4+ atom

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Im wondering if theres a way to get my gauge cluster working through the ecu. The cluster is currently not connected and there doesn't seem to be any wires to connect it. (ive just bought the car) It doesn't run off a key ignition but a main power switch. How can I get my cluster working. Though the ecu? if so how would that connect up? or is there a better way to do it. mainly only worried about rpm and speed

I also have a oil pressure, water temp and boost gauge. the only one currently working is the boost gauge. They all light up when ecu power is turned on so guessing there run through the ecu. How do you run oil pressure and water temp gauges through the ecu. I think ill have to get some sensors as it doesn't look like there are any but do the sensors then get wired into the ecu? how does it all work? 


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S14 cluster is independent of the ECU, just needs tachometer feed from an Aux output of the ECU.  I'd go back through the vehicle loom to find out what's been messed with to cause the cluster to not work.

aftermarket gauges dont typically run through the ECU, they'll have their own senders.  Trace the gauge wiring back through the car and see what's disconnected/missing in terms of loom and senders.

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thank you. i took the cluster out and there were no connecters behind it so i think id have to wire directly to the circuit board and find out which wire goes where. the wiring is kinda all over the place alot of the wires arent there as its a drift car and its all wired to either main power or the ecu power switch the aftermarket gauges lights turn on when i turn on ecu power so i thought maybe they run through the ecu and feed it info but i think ill just wire them seperatly as you've said. ill have a look at the wiring and see what i can find. so to connect the tachometer to get it working is there a wire from the ecu that will be rpm reading? then do i need to run power to the cluster or will rpm work just on the single wire? thanks heaps for the help i dont have much knowledge on ecu's and wiring

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