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suzuki M15A VVT cant sync

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using M15A VVt with monsoon, can't record the trigger scope.
Engine can start and running smooth, but the VVt no working because the trigger sync error

I'm tried change trigger setup to swift VTC V1 or swift V2 VTC  and trigger 2 VVT offset but still cant sync. How to check trigger signal rising or falling edge  correct or not, when trigger scope is not available?

sendtolog.pclr m15a.llg

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This isnt an engine I know that well, but as far as noise & signal strength, the signal looks ok. I did manage to find a known working cam + crank scope however, and the crank is the same, but cam is inverted, and the 2x extra tooth pairs look to be swapped around. The falling edges on the cam trigger look to be similar to the known good, but the link help file says this mode expects to see the tooth timing from the rising edge. 

Try it on falling edge for trigger 2 but i'm not sure that will really help. 

If that wont start at all, or it doesnt help, put it back to rising edge, and run a VVT cam test with it set to 6x pulses, then press f12 to view the tested cam angles, and post the screenshot of that up please

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hi, engine can start with set trigger2 rising or trigger2 failing, please check the screenshot.

Possible polarity of trigger2 (cam sensor) wrong connection? so the scope signal inverted? This engine got 2 type of cam sensors and i'm sure +12v & ground is correct connection or not. thanks for help

trigger2 rising.jpg

trigger2 failling.jpg

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Can you confirm if you have VVT turned off the engine runs ok?  No trigger errors?

And if you have VVT turned on does the engine still run ok/no trigger errors?  I realise the VVT is still not working - but want to confirm if the trigger is ok first before we look at VVT.

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Ok, so that means it is not happy with the trigger either.  We need to fix that before we can get VVT to work.  

Try using Mazda 3 trigger mode, this is very similar to the Suzuki but has the inverted cam signal.  

If that doesnt work then it will be worth trying the Suzuki J20A trigger mode as this looks very similar to yours as well (Change trig 1 from reluctor to optical/hall when trying this mode)

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