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rb26 missfire, jerk

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Im running out of idea what wrong with the boost. it run totally fine without switch on the close loop boost ctrl. even 1.0bar, missfire or jerk happen at 4000, 5500rpm. this is not 1 case but 3cars got same issue.

no matter i adjust richer or leaner. it still miss so i wonder it maybe weak sparkes so i upgraded to R35coil. still same problem. can someone share some light in this matter? it run fine b4 LINKg4+ at 1.0bar.....

wouldnt that be hardware or software problem? possible BOV leak to cause such? I did adjusted the new BOV tighter but no different. same new bov as befoew without LINK g4 b4 at 1.0bar....



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Is it on the factory CAS? these have been known to have timing scatter at higher RPM which can cause misfires. Can you post a config file and the log. The thing you are mainly looking for is RPM ROC going +/- repeatedly and a kind of fuzzy looking rpm line. Your screenshot isnt that clear but it looks like you might have some rpm jitter present. Also the dwell time can be a bit of a giveaway if its jumping around as well

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