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Modelled fuel

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I´m changing from traditional to modelled fuel and have new (used) injectors. Injectors are Imprezas yellow sidefeeds and they are rated at 440cc, but I had them tested and were about 500cc at 3bar. Should I put 440cc or 500cc to "injector flow" :o I want "instant fuel consumption" to show correct value. Also are the dead times same than grey "380cc" injectors? Car is Impreza GT 1998 v3-4 

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Definitely put in the tested value. 

If you want really good accuracy though then it's good to have a fuel pressure sensor so it can work out the fuel pressure differential accurately.

As mechanical FPR can fluctuate a little.

Your deadtimes being accurate will be a big make or break for accuracy of your fuel consumption though.

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