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Problem Setting Injectors ASNU 1500cc

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I have some problem for setting correctly new injectors ASNU 1500 cc.

I explain you, i have Mitsubishi Lancer evolution 9 with tune engine with ECU LINK G4+ plug in.

Before my car was running with injectors ID1300X with fuel Pressure 3.5b, on modelled multi fuel.

with fuel e85 i was limit on boost fuel map was alredy number 150 on fuel map.

I order new injectors to my firend. He order ASNU Injectors 1500cc.


i start to install and made setting of new Injectors. i start from Fuel pressure 3.0b for 1500cc setting

Now my car not running well, idle is not stable and all time pumping.

on fuel map at idle car was really lean and i need to put +20 value for correct lambda

i not understand why

can you help me on setting of this injectors

best regards



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On 2/8/2020 at 10:06 PM, Ducie54 said:

Your dead time values are incorrect.

What dead time values are you using? You should be looking at IDC% to see if injectors are maxed out NOT the 150 number in the main fuel table as there are so many variables.


i used the dead time ASNU 1500cc give me


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On 2/10/2020 at 9:32 PM, Ducie54 said:

I had a set of there 1300cc injectors and found there data not suitable for the link. Do your injectors have the diffuser plate on the bottom?

i think it is same of 1300cc. i think yes i have diffuer


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