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Fuel Density Temperature Coefficient

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Hi Guys,

Interested in if the numbers in the Help file are useful for Oygenated fuels / Race Fuels?

This is what the Help File says:

Fuel Density Temperature Coefficients by Fuel type:

Fuel Type

FDTC (1/deg C)

Petrol (Gasoline)






Would something like a Sunoco Race Fuel (102 RON, 3.7% Oxygen) have a higher FDTC? Or can we use the Petrol number?


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Before you get too stressed about it, as far as I can think, the fuel density temperature coefficient will only mater if you actually have a fuel temp sensor connected (or flex sensor).  So if you don't then it is of little consequence.

If you do have fuel temp connected then I would go for the petrol number since the small amount of additives is unlikely to change its bulk properties much (that's just my intuition - no scientific evidence to back that up).

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