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Altezza 3sge Starts & Revs, but no idle.

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As the title, i installed a link g4 plugin on a completely stock 3SGE and set up the throttle sensors for the ethrottle. I am using the stock MAF on the basemap included in the tuning software. The throttle sensors and MAF sensors make logical sense, which has got me confused as to why the car wont idle. It will start up, and can rev a little bit, but when you get off the accelerator, the car stalls. Tune file attached. Any help would be appreciated.


002 system.pclr

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The base map is set up to use MAP, not MAF.  Assuming you have connected a vacuum hose to the MAP sensor, then set AN Volt 11 to MAP and the calibration to 4 Bar.

You also need to set your injector size to match whatever you have - it is currently set to 900cc which is unlikely on a stock engine.

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