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Supralink Aux 10

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Hi guys.

Busy with my Supralink PnP install. Almost ready to fire up. 

My question is about Aux 10.

The installation manual shows Aux 10 is the Purge solenoid, the wiring diagram confirms this, the OEM ECU also shows Purge solenoid assigned to this pin.

In the base map config on PClink, the purge is assigned to Aux 9, I cannot find Aux 10.

I need Aux 9 to run my EGCV VSV. 

Aux 9 is shown on the expansion port, that is where I have physically wired my EGCV to.

Am I doing something wrong? I want to keep the purge solenoid so would like to activate it.





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Yep, its a bit confusing the interaction between Aux 9, 10 & 4.  These 3 auxes have some interaction as they are designed to be able to work together in an H bridge configuration for drive by wire motor control.

If Electronic throttle is turned off in the software, then "Aux 9" in software/PC Link controls the "Aux 10" pin output/hardware.  Hence aux 9 set to purge in the software.  

You will notice there is not even an "Aux 10" in the software/PC Link.

The Aux 9 pin on the expansion port can only be used for E-throttle, it cannot be used for anything else (when e-throttle is enabled then Aux 4 actually controls this pin).

How about Inj 7 - are you already using that?

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Thanks for the quick reply.

I'm not using an electronic throttle, the car is a stock turbo MKIV Supra non VVTi.

I am attempting to control the stock sequential VSV's to keep the car in sequential mode, as posted previously on here by Mike2JZ.

Inj 7 is being used for the IACV VSV

Aux 4 for the Boost control solenoid

Aux 9 was planned for the EGCV VSV

Ign 8 for the EGBV

So I need all these outputs.


If Aux 9 in the software controls the Aux 10 pin with e throttle off, what controls Aux 9 pin? I am guessing Aux 4 in the software?

In that case, what controls Aux 4 pin?

The base map shows this as Boost solenoid, which matches the OEM ECU pin, being the WG VSV.


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When E-throttle mode is switched on, the aux 4 and aux 10 (micro controller pins) work in tandem to control the aux 9 pin (expansion connector).  The Aux 4 pin is not available when E-throttle mode is turned on.

Aux 9 can be used for E-throttle only, it cant be used as a GP aux out.


The 3 easiest options to gain more auxes:

Change the idle valve to a two wire solenoid - this will give you 3 more auxes.

Make a little patch harness for the ignitor to fire the coils in wasted spark, this would give you 3 more ign outputs to use as auxes.

Return the ECU to Link HQ for modification - they could possibly add some wire links to make another couple of auxes available.


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Thanks Adam.

I have confirmed Aux 4 software controls the Aux 4 pin, PWM tested the boost controller.

Thanks for the options, I may go the idle valve route.

In the meantime, I think I will ditch either the CE light (I have a toucan display) or the purge valve to free up one output..


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On 4/12/2020 at 12:30 PM, livetek said:

Hi Samurai Supra,

Have you found the solution of your problem ? Can you tell me the path you finally use ? Did you tried the idea of the Mike2J ? 


Thanks for your answer

Sorry for the late reply, used Mikes idea, ditched the EVAP, car is running fine.

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