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Import G4+ map to X series

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I made a bit of a tool which I have used to convert some maps but it is a wee bit out of date now and still needed human input and checking, if it's a simple setup it's easier to just do it yourself by hand

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Ok - so with a copy of PCLink for the G4+ open on one screen (with my current map loaded) and a second copy of PCLink for the G4X open on the other, it seems I should click through all of the below config items, expand them, and copy all the config across to the G4X. Is that correct?


Is there a quicker way of copying tables across? That looks like it may take forever.  

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For tables use the recommendation from TechDave. 

Watch out for differences in settings between + and X. There are few settings that cannot be copied over directly due to changes. 

Once you start copying them it doesn’t take much time. Good luck with copy paste! 


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