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E-Throttle sensitivity with potentiometer

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I would like to run "sensitivity potentiometer" for e-throttle.


I have Target table 1 with low values of the throttle angle.

In the Target table 2 i have target values which are changed by potentiometer. ( 8 position)

Target table 1 allways on.

Target table 2 allways on.


I turn the potentiometer and values from target 2 table are added to target table 1 and overall target is combined.


Possible / not possible? 


Photo for reference.


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You may have shown a simplified example, but in the case shown in your screenshots, your X axis values in Target 1 table are identical - so you could just change the X axis to the AN10 Voltage (like you've done in table 2) and you'll have your 8 differing configurations.

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12 hours ago, Confused said:

change the X axis to the AN10 Voltage

If you arent worried about different throttle responses at different RPM then this is an option, but to get RPM based changes (ie for return to idle behaviour) you need to go a bit further

The table switching logic for ethrottle doesnt allow overlay like some tables do, so you cant do it that way. I think you would need to use an intermediate table like many of the OEM's do for torque request - essentially making TPS target a 3d table. I *think* you could use the seadoo ibr torwue request mode so you get an intermediate table that you can reference later. You would put your normal AP vs RPM in the torque request table, and pretty much arbitrary values from 0-100 or something sensible as the "output" value.

You then change your ethrottle 1 table so X axis is ANV10, and the Y axis to "torque request", and you make it more/less aggressive on the different anv10 columns.


The torque request thing has some limits around when it's supposed to do anything, so i'm not sure if its quite this "simple" to just turn it on and steal the values out of it.

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Since your current x axis is doing nothing you can just put your analog pot on the x axis of the main table.  The RPM axis is rarely needed.  

The only other option is to turn on 3 seperate E-throttle tables and switch between them using your pot.  That will only give you three different pedal curves though.

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