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Mixture Map settings for road tuning questions

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I think I get the gist of how the Mixture Map tool can be used to help tune your fuel table with log data, but I'd like to confirm a few things to hopefully make my road tuning an efficient & productive process. Goal is to get as much of the N/A and low boost parts of the map cleaned up before I invest in some dyno time to do the rest. Attached is a screen shot of my current mixture map properties settings. As I understand it, if I set this up right, it will filter the raw data so that only the useful bits of data go into the suggested fuel table corrections.

Generally, I assume more samples is always better, so I set the minimum at 100 -- can I get good results with less? I know I'd cover more of the map with less drive time that way, but I am concerned about the quality of small sample size calculations.

As you can see, I'm setting a few conditional filters that will only accept data that is: (a) Above operating temperature, so that all warm-up enrichment's are zero at these temps and above; (b) RPMs at idle & above; (c) Overrun/Fuel cut is not active (0 or off state) as that would skew actual vs. target lambda. I also have the closed loop lambda (CLL) turned off for the road tuning. Are there any other conditional filters that might be better options here?

I also set a transient filter for Accel Fuel < 0.1 units/sec. If I'm understanding the transient filters correctly, it should only accept data when the Accel Fuel added is between 0 and 10%. My understanding is the mixture map tuning works best when the cells are as close to steady state conditions as possible, correct? Is there a better way to filter out accel fuel trim transients?

For the "% of zone", I'm not sure I really understand what that means, but from experimenting, it seems that the lower the % value is, the fewer cells get filled in, given the same # of samples and other conditional & transient filters - is there a good trade-off number here, and what does it really represent? I'm currently using 50%


Mixture Map Properties Settings.png

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Related to this topic, is it possible in PCLink to combine multiple log files into one very large log file so that the mixture map feature would have more data points to work with?

Basically the idea is to have the PC collecting data every time I'm on the road with it, and then use the conditional & transient filters in the mixture map tool to effectively utilize it.

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