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Long Start and Hot Cranking - 350z plug-in G4+

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Been having some issues with a long cold start and hot cranking on my PNP G4+ (my car is a g35 sedan using the 350z G4+).

I thought these were initially linked to an RPM limit triggering issue I was having originally. I have since changed out the camshaft and crankshaft sensors with brand new Hitachi (OEM) sensors and the rpm triggering issue has not arisen again. However, I do still have an issue with excessive cranking when cold and a lack of start when the car is warmed up.

While I was out today I noticed that when I was starting the car when hot the Engine Kill was switched 'ON' and FuelCut would go to 100%. Then I realized that when Im doing this, Im simply turning the key one notch to turn the car off and restart it (i.e. I'm never removing the key). I cranked it a few cycles and everytime Engine Kill would switch ON. Then I decided to remove the key entirely and reinsert an attempt to start the car. This time, Engine Kill never came 'ON' and the FuelCut nstayed at 0% and the car fired right up. Any idea what may be triggering it to Engine Kil when I dont remove the key? I went through the fuel cut menus and didnt see anything blatantly obvious.

In the event that it is helpful,I am attaching 2 logs. One of them is titled "hot cranking" which is when I never removed the key and Engine Kill reads 'ON'. The other log was recorded immediately afterwards when I removed the key.

20200405 Hot Start.llg 20200405 Hot Cranking.llg

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You have a CAN anti-theft request active in the hot cranking log, this is a message that comes from the immobilizer to tell the ECU if it is permitted to start or not.  It is possible that the G35 immobilizer is a bit different than the 350Z in this regard.  The quick fix will just be to turn off this feature.  Go to >chassis & body > Anti-theft and set allow CAN anti-theft request to no.

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Just following up that switching the CAN anti-theft request to no has fixed the starting issue thus far.

Still have a bit of a long cold start but I believe it takes a while for the triggers to activate. Will continue to mess with cold start to see if I can improve it at all.

But thanks for the anti-theft assistance!

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