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G4+ TST205x injector and setup before startup

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St205 3sgte, in a corolla.

New to tuning warning.

Ok, Im running a stock motor right now besides a berk downpipe and a blitz intake. From what i understand the base MAP was done with larger injectors. Just starting to dig around in the link software before startup and Im not finding anything that i can just look at injectors specifically to change settings. 

Also im doing initial setup and looking at input/output setup and trigger settings, is the ecu already set up since it comes as plugin? Im confusing myself, and my brain hurts, i just want this thing to run and not blow up. Also, I amazingly dont have any fault codes.



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Is it a G4, G4+ or G4?  A bit confusing as your title says G4+, but then has the part number for the G4X, and then you are posting in the G4 section...

But in any case the answer is much the same.  If the ECU is new then yes it will already have a base map in it.  Just do all the pre-start checks etc that are listed in the manual as there may be small settings changes needed for specific car models and things like what type of air temp sensor you have connected.  Confirm all basic sensors are reading realistic and calibrate the TPS, MAP and check base timing once it is running. 

The injector size as well as variables such as fuel pressure are taken care of by the "master fuel" number.  It is set at 9ms in the base map which would suggest to me the test car had big injectors.  Start with about double that number should get you close to starting up, then just bump it up or down until it runs ok.

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Yup, i definitely posted in the wrong area. I would move it to G4X, but i cant.

Thank you for the help anyway. I'll try messing with master fuel. Out of curiosity, what makes you say double it? 


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38 minutes ago, Plaidward said:

Out of curiosity, what makes you say double it? 

Experience mostly.  There are many factors that come into it, but on a engine with 500cc capacity per cylinder, typical ball park master fuel number would be about 9ms for 1000cc injectors, 17ms for 500cc and 20-25ms for 300ish.

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Ok, started messing with master fuel a bit and definitely changes things. With what is in the base map, it idles great at 9ms, but upon any throttle, it cuts and almost dies with a lot of hesitation to build RPM. 

I tried 18ms and it idles very poorly. So i started increasing from 9ms by 2 up to 15. every increase made idle worse but seems to help with rebound back to idle on a throttle blip to 10-20%.

Also, not sure if it helps but my current wideband is in the recommended spot, but I only have a downpipe at the moment, so it's also about 40mm from exhaust exit....

attatched a couple log files for reference.

Log 2020-04-16 6;42;44 pm 9ms took a bit to start idles fine cuts out with any throttle.llg Log 2020-04-16 6;15;11 pm 15ms idle rough didnt die.llg

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It looks like it is mostly working.  Lambda will be no use being so close to the end of the exhaust.  You wont be able to tune fuel at all until youve got an exhaust fitted and you can get the engine warm.

Have you done base timing?

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ok, the "base" map has 15BTDC timing, 1 deg offset and 80ms delay. 

From what I could find, stock 3sgte is 10BTDC. 

I changed it to 10,0,0 to start out. I don't have someone to help with timing..... This didn't do much for idle conditions, so I'm going to assume I missed a step. 

I don't have a full exhaust yet, but I do have an additional midpipe on now and working on the full exhaust, but it's going to take me forever to do that. 

Until I get the exhaust finished, I'm confused on the actual procedure of setting and calibrating the triggers. Fuel is supposed to be set to off in the instructions, but it's also asking to be set to a timing light and vary the rpm to set delay. which you cant do without running. Is there a better instruction for doing this, because I'm an idiot. 

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The top field on the set base timing screen is the advance that you want to ECU to command.  Generally you would set this to match whatever marks you have on your pulley/cover.  So if you have a 10deg mark on the front cover then set the "lock timing to" field to 10 deg.  

Then, with the engine running, put a timing light on it and adjust the offset (middle box) until the 10deg mark lines up on the pulley.  

Give the engine a rev to say 4000 and watch the timing mark is stable and doesnt drift away from 10deg.  If it drifts a small amount (1 or 2 deg) then you can dial this out by adjusting the delay (bottom box).

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