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I am new to g4x I want to ask how can I make fan works when my ac is on .

right now car fan work with link ecu with engine temperature . but I want when I push ac button fan should work all time with ac . and without ac should work with   engine temperature

my engine is 2jzgte non vvti 

and can I hard wire kilometer with G4x ECU


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In the Engine Fan menu there is a setting for each of the 3 fans called "Engine Fan X on with AC" where X is the fan number. Turning this setting on means that the fan will turn on when AC is on.

If you attach a copy of your map I can change that setting for you.


What do you mean by "hard wire kilometer"?

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Something you can do to get around the basemap problem if you are reasonably confident with wiring is use your ac clutch output to trigger  fan relay but this will require knowing how your vehicle is wired and you will need to be careful with the wiring to make sure you don't have two things trying to control the same fan in opposite direcions.

A lot of factory cars (a good example being the na mx5) have a fan or fans wired up to turn on when the AC Clutch is turned on (ac clutch signal activates a relay which powers the fan).

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