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PC Link software is slow (may be a problem specific to Atom CPU)

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I suffer from the following symptoms when using PC Link on a WIN10 tablet.
1. PC Link program is slow to start (takes more than one minute)
2. After starting the program, the drop-down display of the menu bar is slow (it takes more than 30 seconds after clicking).
3. Communication with the ECU is established, but it takes several minutes for the speed to stabilize.
4. It takes a very long time (sometimes several minutes) to display the various properties.

PC Specs.
CPU intel ATOM Z3795 1.6Ghz
Windows 10 Pro 64bit Tablet PC

On this PC, other programs and ECU communication software do not cause such a symptom and operate at a sufficient processing speed, and the reaction delay is unique to PC Link.

Since it is very difficult to use, I have no choice but to substitute a notebook PC with i5 CPU, but since it is convenient to use a tablet PC on the car, I strongly hope that this problem will be solved.

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I remember there was a thread a while back about a particular video card driver that causes these symptoms. 

I went from a slow old laptop that worked fine, to a flash new one that ran like a dog. But there was a fix for it by changing the video card driver. 

Are you definitely using the latest PClink version? As I think they also applied a fix for this inside PClink but cant remember.

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Thanks for the early advice.

The PC link version is the latest
I'm using EN-JP set up package in Japanese environment.

In addition, the connection with ECU is USB3, but even if it does not connect to ECU, the start of the program is slow, the PClink window does not stand up for about one minute after the icon click, and the click reaction of the menu bar is made to wait for about one minute more.

It may be a problem specific to the Japanese environment (or 2-byte characters), because it occurs in Japan in many cases besides me.

I also searched the previous thread in the advice, Slow reacting By Highlift, May 1, 2017 in G4+, which I think is it!
If the issue with the graphics driver and USB3 has been fixed in the update, it may be a problem with the Japanese environment.

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