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Boost by gear ( not global reduction )

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I've been thinking about this lately, essentially you're trying to build maximum horsepower to your cars/wheels traction curve.

So you dont necessarily want more boost in 3rd gear at the same speed as second, you want the same amount of horsepower at that given speed. 

So I thought controlling the wastegate based on speed vs injector duty cycle would be a decent simulation of horsepower level.

If you dont have enough boost in gear X to get to 30% DC on the injectors at 55kph. Here, have some more haha. (and vice versa)

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Hmmmmm perhaps torque management can be used ?

its my gearbox they have a very weak 4th gear over all other gears and will be broken if torque is as high as available so I thought to reduce boost at peak torque in that gear but now maybe TM is for this ?

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You can have three completely seperate boost tables, or 2 interpolated.  So for instance you could have one table that is active for 1st-3rd gears, one for 4th and 1 for 5th.  If only 4th gear is the concern then you could just switch to a second boost table whenever 4th gear is engaged which has lower DC or boost target in it.

If you want different boost in each gear, then another option is to have two boost tables in interpolate mode.  One high boost table, one lower boost.  Then use gear position to blend between those two tables.

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