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GTSLink G4 PnP blown?

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I think this GTSLink G4 PnP I have is broken.  It keeps the car on when you turn the key off.  Initially you could start the car and it would idle but was low rpm, now it just won't fire the car.

I saw on a recent FB post David had and said to check cont between pins 4 and 58 which I get nothing and to check this below.  So I suspect it has be toasted.

Photo attached of what David said to look at when opening it.

Can it be repaired?

Screen Shot 2020-04-20 at 7.31.27 PM.png

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Yes it should be repairable.  Contact tech@linkecu.com to arrange.

The component that is fried there is the flyback diode for the idle valve, so that may explain the low idle but I dont think it could cause it to stay on.  It may suggest there is a problem with the wiring somewhere.  I will let tech support advise on that once they have inspected what is damaged.

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