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Twin turbo twin wideband?

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Hi guys.

I'm currently in the build with an rb30dett running a link g4 xtreme wire in, interesting in knowing whether I need to run two wideband sensors and controllers, one in each down pipe, or if I will get accurate enough readings by installing a single sensor further down after the exhausts join?

Also if I dont end up joining the pipes and just sending them both out seperate, will 2 wideband sensors and controllers be required?

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The factory 26 setup runs twin narrowband and its probably like that for a reason but I’m sure many have done single wideband after the dump pipe.

Do you want to be able to independently tune the banks based on their AF/R’s , I.e if you see the last 3 last richer than the first 3 then yes you would need two seperate wideband sensors to give you that level of granularity input.

Otherwise an average AF/R is probably ok. I’m sure there are wideband controllers that support dual inputs and provide dual 5v seperate signal outputs which is what you would need if you want to run dual wideband, plus don’t forget you’ll consume an additional analog input on your ECU input so check if you have enough spare inputs as well 

If in doubt check on skylinesaustralia.com someone would have done on there for sure 

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