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Bi-directional communication with dyno?

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Is this practically (not just on theory) possible with a V88 right now?

I have access to the same dyno nearby and i would be extremely happy if could use this feature. That's the reason we buy smart ECU-s right? :)

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I asked this question a while ago & this was the response !

Not at the moment. It is on the "To Do List".

We get more requests for the ECU to send data to the dyno, so you do not have to connect dyno sensors to the engine. It all comes from the ECU. This feature will be added first.


The Mainline manual lists various ecu as being able to receive data - Vi-PEC is on the list !

^ This is also a function I would like to see - where the dyno information is recorded on the Vipec ECU !

Any info from somebody at Vi-PEC ?

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At this stage there is no provision for bi-directional communication. The ECU can send data to the dyno by means of serial or CAN (not sure if the dyno supports CAN). To my knowledge the dyno supports receiving data over serial for logging/control use.

Unfortunately if the dyno does not use CAN, you can not have output to the dyno and the tuning software at the same time.

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In fact to achieve what's done on the video i think i need only Vipec -> Dyno communications for RPM and Ignition Angle.

OK, I'll ask the local dyno shop if their Mainline dyno supports CAN.

Can i have short description for setup from ViPEC's point of view?

Where i can get the cable?

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