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Link G4x plug in GTR With MoTeC LTC how to?

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The .lcs templates are in the process of being updated so you wont find them in the software yet, but I have attached one to this post for the LTC.  For the CAN set up follow the instructions below.  Also, in the analog inputs section of the software, navigate to the Lambda 1 menu and set Lambda Sensor Control to "Link CAN".




Motec LTC 1120.lcs

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Hey guys, I'm not getting anywhere with this UTC.  I followed these directions exactly, all I get is the Lambda1 value flickering occasionally from 0 to 6550 and back.  Any ideas?  Its a brand new LTC from MOTEC, a brand new AtomX from Link.  Checked wiring, there are term resistors at both ends, nothing else on the bus, its at 55ohms. 

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