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Hi I have a few questions I would like to get clear before I start wiring 

New g4x atom - motor is Mazda kfze v6 with ITBS and stock injectors 

toyota coil on plug coils 
crank trigger 36-1 and VR sensor- have option for a cam sensor in old distributor housing with stock hall sensor 

have been reading here and on hPa about tps only and alpha N tuning 

main questions so far are is there any benefit to add the cam sensor and go semi sequential injection ? If I set for batch fire it only allows 2 injector outputs - can I run 3 high impedance injectors on each injector output ???

Or is it better to go semisequential and wire injectors in pairs ? 

If I only need 2 injector drives can the 2 spare injector drives be used as ignition drives ? Or is wasted spark and batch fire the easiest simplest option ? 

Have looked at fuel maps for alpha N setup with RPM on X axis and TPS on Y axis and using very gradual throttle values to help tip in - like 5% 10% 15% at the start then ramping up so that makes sense - what about ignition map ? Same with RPM on X and TPS on Y axis in the same sort of curve 
mode set as BAP 

There are quite a few of these engines converted to itb worldwide but 95% of them are on MS - I do have access to a good ripped stock ignition map and have looked at a g4+ map on here but it’s not itb 

Really trying to keep this as simple as possible only other outputs are fuel pump - Davies Craig water pump - and radiator fans - no ac no IAC no power steering idle up 

next purchase I’m looking at is spartan 2 wideband 

Any ideas thoughts appreciated thanks for reading wall of text 

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I cant see a good way to do semi-sequential on this engine due to the 123456 firing order.  So to keep it simple I think I would do multipoint group.  You can use 3 drives wired to a pair of injectors each and set active drives to 1-4.  

Ign will have to be wasted spark.  Spare ign drives can be used as aux outputs, but spare injector drives cant on the Atom.

I have attached an typical ITB fuel map (modelled fuel equation) and Ign table that will be a decent starting point.




ITB Fuel Table 1.lte ITB Ignition Table 1 (+ °BTDC, -- °ATDC).lte

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Ok cool I was having a play around looking at multipoint group at could only seem to get INJ  1-2 active but will try that again and have a look at settings provided and help file again 

Theoretically with that and wasted spark setup the only other things required for a start are - Timing setup - calibrated TPS - engine coolant temp sensor table - IAT table- and whatever Lambda setup I choose 

So good to be using an NZ made product with outstanding tech support 

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Oh, I forgot to say also, if you are going to run a missing tooth crank wheel, then there is no need for the cam sensor in this multi-group/wasted spark set up.  Set sync mode in trigger 2 settings to "none".

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Yes thanks I figured that and it gives more room back of the engine - last model of this engine had 36-1 and coil pack so I bought the trigger wheel pulley and the cam blanking plug and have now depinned that trigger from the link loom 

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ok so how do i get those tables into my setup ? .lte files? have loaded pcl tune files before and used the clipboard to grab tables from on tune to another but how and where can i use them after download ?


okay got that import from file ..... time for more reading i think

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