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2JZ Idle Fluctuation

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Hi guys.

Been getting some strange behaviour on the Supralink & OEM IACV setup I have on my Supra.

It was overshooting on cold start to around 2000rpm, I adjusted the base position & changed the min clamp, it has improved to the condition in the attached log.

The next issue is a drop in idle base position, then a spike to 2000rpm about 20 seconds into the log. 

I suspect the valve may be faulty, but want to confirm the settings I have make sense before changing anything.

Tune & log attached.



NUR13253 Tune 20200417 with LC & TC.pclr Log 2020-05-11 2;20;27 pm.llg

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It looks like the valve is working ok to me, I think the spike in RPM is caused by the idle vale responding to the dip just before it, this is caused I think mostly by the ignition timing fighting the idle valve.  Turning on idle ign control will fix this. Also I suggest you do a firmware update as there were some closed loop idle bugs fixes in later versions.  

Once you have done the firmware update, attach a copy of your tune with the recent changes and I will set up a starting point for idle ign.

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