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Wheel speed from CAN input


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I have an R53 Mini Cooper with the MiniLink PnP ECU and I'm looking to set up traction control. How do I set up the inputs for the non driven wheel speed since the wheel speed input is through CAN bus from the BCM (Body Control Module)? Is it already assigned and I just cant see it or is there another step I need to take?


The G4+ MiniLink ECU receives the following information over the vehicles CAN (Controller Area Network).

CAN Channel Function

CAN Freq/Spd 1 LH Front wheel speed

CAN Freq/Spd 2 RH Front wheel speed

CAN Freq/Spd 3 LH Rear wheel speed

CAN Freq/Spd 4 RH Rear wheel speed

CAN DI 1 Bonnet open

CAN DI 2 Handbrake on

CAN DI 3 Seatbelt on

CAN DI 4 DSC switch

CAN DI 5 Headlights on

CAN Volt 1 Steering wheel position

CAN Volt 2 Steering rate

Not displayed in PCLink Aircon request flag

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You dont need to set up any input, you just need to assign which wheel/wheels you want to use for driven and non driven in the speed sources menu.  

For a FWD road car the best choice for driven is probably "Max Front speed", and for non driven "Average rear speed".

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