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Spark Duration

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Just wondering, should I keep the 1 ms default of the V88 ECU when using LS2 coils, or should I enter a different value? What's the purpose/effect of this setting?

I did find the dwell settings here in earlier topics!

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In most distributor applications it is not possible to maintain full dwell time at high engine speeds as there is simply not enough time between spark events. In these applications the dwell must be automatically decreased at high rpm. Of the total time between spark events there is the dwell time (where the coil is charging) and the spark time (while the spark plug is actually being fired). If dwell begins before the spark has finished then the spark is extinguished too early. Therefore there must be a minimum time to elapse before the ECU will being dwell. This value has been called the spark duration and is typically between 0.5 - 1.0ms.

On a multi coil application you will have plenty of time so the spark will run for as long as it can.

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