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V88 logging, external card logger & digital dash questions

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Hi Guys – I have a query regarding the V88 internal logger, the card logger unit and connecting a digital dash.

(and to clarify – I haven’t installed my V88 yet – I’m currently selecting a digital dash and will be installing in the next couple of months)

Firstly – I can’t see much detail regarding the external card logging unit. What are the benefits of the external unit over the internal logging?

For the card logger, you can start and stop the log using the external button -

How is the ECU internal logger activated?

Can it activated by an external switch like the card logger?

How large is external card logger memory?

How large is the internal ECU logger memory?

Regarding an external digital dash – I am planning to use a Racepack Digital Display dash. This plugs in via the CAN port obviously.

With the digital dash connected through the CAN port, does that mean I cannot run a Vipec external logger unit?

Alternatively, is it possible to use a CAN double adaptor patch lead (if such a thing exists??)

Cheers guys

Sean Gannon


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i'll give my .5 here since i'm looking at the same thing currently.

Internal logger:

Can be started with a switch or virtual aux or plethora of other means (antilag=ON) ect, looks good.

rate is adjustable (1-50Hz) and logging time ranges from 11:22:30 to 00:13:39.

with "good enough" rate of 20hz it seems that the eq can store 34minutes of log, which is plenty for

my use since i'll be logging pulls and standing mile mostly.

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Cheers mate - sounds good. Perhaps the external logger is a bit redundant then if I'm only doing dyno pulls and 1/4 mile work.

Another question - I'm about to go for a Haltech/Racepack Digital Display Dash.

I'm being told I need an interface unit as well - ie that the dash doesn't plug straight into the CAN port.

I just want to check that is correct? (it's another $450 or so on top of the dash)

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ECU logging can be triggered of a number of options. Including digital inputs, auxiliary outputs, TPS, MAP etc.

For the card logger ill need Ray or someone else to fill this in as its a product Ray designed and produced.

The Racepak dash can be connected through CAN to the ECU. this should not require an adapter. It is just a wiring exercise.

If the external logger runs on serial connection then the dash won't be able to be left connected at the same time.

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