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KE70 3SGE beams rpm problem

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hi all

I use google translation

I have 3SGE beams on an old Corolla
It worked very well at ITB
Thinking of making it turbo
first welded the flange to the stock intake manifold.Because my ECU is a monsoon, stock DBW cannot be used.
In preparation I am adjusting with a single throttle without boost


I have a problem

Vehicle sways where load is very low(TP10%hold)

It will rotate smoothly when the load is high.

Is this a misfire?
Are the trigger settings incorrect?
I feel the cranking at the start is a little long


Please lend your knowledge and experience

From Japan





G4+ monsoon

stock 3SGE   beams blacktop

panicwire Engine harness

Stock AE86 throttle body



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I dont really see any signs of a trigger problem in your log.  I cant see a reason for your RPM oscillation in the log picture you show.  One thing that seems a little odd is the injector pulsewitdh only changes about 10%, but lambda sways 20%, so maybe there is a fuel pressure issue or something external.

For the slow start up I feel maybe your trigger arming threshold could be a little high.  I suggest you change both trigger 1 and trigger 2 arming threshold to look like this:



Edit, added later:  Sorry, I forgot these engines are VVT.  Have a look at your intake cam is bouncing around.  The ECU is commanding 0° cam advance but the cam is moving between 20-50° by itself.  Maybe there is something mechanical broken on the intake cam VVT.


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Thank you for your reply
Your accurate ability to analyze is really amazing

I compared it with old log data
Was very chasing the VVTtarget

Something seems to be broken

Currently, Posh's numbers are very large
I will remove the timing belt from now on and check the pulley

I'll report again

Everyone respects

Use google translation

Is the pulley moving freely due to inertia?Is the solenoid open and holding it?Let's check:)


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