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Link LTC Problem, Fault code attached - Cosworth YB


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Hi All,

I have recently commissioned a new Link G4 Fury install on my Cosworth YB engine.

I have no Lambda reading to my ECU,

I have a LINK LTC unit installed, this has been correctly commissioned vi the CAN setup, the device is found on CAN bus and installation instructions followed several times.

The run time values are intermittently throwing up the following code, the message is flicking between OK and "35 Open Circuit RCOMP" it is switching several times a second.

Can someone explain this fault code to me please and the possible cause, i am leading towards the sensor as i have tested the power wiring and found it to be within specification.

Any help would be greatly appreciated @Adamw

Many Thanks

This image was taken with the engine switched off,

I am assuming the Lambda sensor is having a hard time self calibrating?


See short video below 

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There is a calibratrion resistor in the sensor connector that connects between pins 1 & pin 5 (shown as red and green wires in the table below - but be aware there is actually no green wire on the sensor side).  This error means the ECU is not detecting any resistance between these two wires, so its suggests there is a disconnection somewhere.

Start by unplugging the B connector from the ECU (leave sensor plugged in at the other end) and measure resistance between the APE & MES pins, it should be between 30 & 300ohm. 




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Hi @Adamw

Thanks for the reply, I am a little confused, if i am running a Lambda to CAN (LINK LTC) why do I need to hard wire the sensor into the ECU B plug?

Should it not plug directly into the Link LTC unit and the Lambda value transmitted on the CAN BUS?


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Oh, I didn’t notice that, I saw you had a fury which has a wideband built in so doesn’t need a can lambda. I just assumed you’re using the built-in one.  

Have you got Lambda 1 disabled in the analog inputs menu.  

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That change has been made and now I am receiving the following error codes :


16 - heated too long ( this one was initially received , in power cycled the car a few time’s and observed lambda temp, which appears to reach operations temperature after a short delay, I believe this code is now cleared)

46 - IPE over voltage (this Code is present in the runtime values when  the engine is running)

with the engine not running, “lambda 1 error” = OK In the run time values 

Can you help me out with those codes please ?

Lambda sensor is now resounding but stuck at 0.7 lambda, no amount of changes to the fuel table result in the value moving. 
I will double check for background compensations but I do not believe I have any running.


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