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Options for replacing a dead G3


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Hey guys,

I've got a couple of questions regarding my Link ECU. I have a G3 which I purchased direct when they were new. I've had years of trouble-free use out of it, but unfortunately it has died a horrible death (looks like it got wet and some bits inside got cooked.) The ECU is in a daily driver so I would like to get it back up and running in the most cost efficient way. At this point I'm considering a second hand G3. (while a G4x/+ would be nice, job security is a worry at the moment and dictates costs be kept down). Can these still be upgraded to G4 firmware? I've seen a few G3s for sale that are paired with an adaptalink - can I use one of these without that adapta part? Are the plugs the same on these as they are on the wire-in unit that I have?
Is there anything I should look out for when purchasing a secondhand unit? Cheers, Tom
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First I suggest you contact Link about repair, you will be surprised what can be repaired for very reasonable costs - I have seen them recover G1's from boats that have been sunk in the past...  They will probably be able to give you a tentative yes/no if you send a photo to [email protected] on Monday.

As for the rest of your question - yes all G3's can be upgraded to run G4 firmware, there is a fee for the unlock code, at this time it is about NZD$200.

All G3's that used the "adaptalink" box were just standard LEM G3's so are just the normal universal G3 ecu all with the same connector.

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