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G4X quick tune


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Im not sure how this is meant to work.  Can you explain better how you imagine it?  Do you mean if you had an individual lambda sensor in each primary tube?  How would the ECU know if it is the individual cylinder trim that needs to be adjusted or the main fuel table that is causing the problem?

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It was base on my experience with Vipec V88 couple years ago, after quick tune F10 using single lambda sensor (fitted after exhaust collector) up to 4000 rpm the value was close to AFR target. Since I still have enough time to play with this car I put another 6 lambda sensors on each cylinder tube (its 6 cylinder engine), the result was all cylinder lambda values are not equal, some richer some leaner than target but cylinder 5 and 6 was significantly lean. To get all about equal I trim using fuel trim table with AFR target as reference. It takes long time since its edited manually by comparing the log result of the cylinder respectively.

With modeled fuel mode Is this possible to fuel trim using similar method of F10 quick tune?

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