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2jz vvti multifuel g4+fury


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i think i did a big mistake in the dyno today.

tuned a 2jz on 98okt gasoline.

started tonight to make a multifuel setup.

the problem i that the engine is tuned in traditional fuel setup.

and the engine is already tuned very good on gasoline.


will traditional work with duel tables and multifuel E0 to E100 alcohol blemd.

is there a easy way to change the ve table from traditional to multifuel without complete retune?

any advice here will be nice. 

the file is attatched


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Yes you can still set up the dual fuel tables to be interpolated in a similar way to modeled multifuel.  The main difference is your two fuel tables will be quite different whereas in modeled mode they work out very similar or sometimes you dont even need two fuel tables.

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Thanks. Solved today. Needed to change the blend table from multifuel to %ethanol. Works fine and pulled nice numbers.

Will add som boost tomorrow with dual boost table and interpolar between. Also setup with 3d map limit with one axis ethanol content.

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