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Honda L13a engine with Atom2

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Hello, i have wired up an atom 2 ecu to a honda l13a engine (fit/jazz) for a small aircraft project,

however using the K20 or l15b trigger setups i could not start it, I am getting the rpm signal all sensors are working but no start. Can anyone help me ? 

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Please attach the tune and a log of it cranking.

To confirm the trigger pattern can you pull the crank and cam sensors out and have someone slowly turn the engine by hand while you count how many teeth you see down the holes.  From google images it looks like it may have 12 or 12+1 on the crank and 4 on the cam but I cant find any good clear pics.  

Need to confirm if the cam teeth are all the same size/spacing and whether crank is 12 evenly spaced like a F20 or 12+1 extra like a K20.




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Ok that is a bit of an odd one.    The alloytec trigger mode that our L15 base map uses may work - will depend on the phasing between crank and cam.  Otherwise if that doesnt then there are a couple of other options that should.  Are you getting realistic and stable RPM when cranking?  Any trigger errors when cranking?  Have we got spark?

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