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Volvo B230 Coldstart , warm-up


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I am new to tuning. I know the basics but i am more experienced in installation than tuning. So i have installed a Link G4+ Monsoon to my Volvo 8 valve b230 turbo engine. Running with 1300cc injectors and a custom made cam trigger as secondary trigger. My Ve table and ignition table is tuned by a tuner in a dyno but i ran the car to the tuner so he could not help me so much with the cold start settings.  It's running on E85

It takes long time to crank the engine and when the engine starts it runs very rich in the beginning. I have tried to rise and lower the crank enrichment and also tried with different prime settings but i feel it make no difference. Sometimes while cranking with high cranking enrichment numbers when the car is cold it ignites in the exhaust. I don't have the trigger scope function so i am not sure when the sync trigger is triggered if that could be a problem. Also i am still laborating with the iac so the rpm is a bit high in the log file until i lowered it

If somebody has time and could check out my tune and give me some hints and check if things looks ok 

Log 2020-06-7 8;06;42 pm.llg latest.pclr

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Cold start with E85 will never be good, this is why "flex fuel" was invented so you can lower the ethanol content for cooler temperatures.  Ethanol has a low RVP (volatility), so at low temperatures there is very little vapor produced in the port.  The fuel just sits in the port mostly as liquid - you need vapor for ignition.  This is why you need to add so much enrichment to get it started - the more liquid that is in there, then you will have a little more vapor produced.  Most of the liquid at least for the first few cycles will not even burn and will just flow through to the exhaust where it will quickly heat and create vapor - this is why you get bangs in the exhaust sometimes.  I dont see any suggestions you have a trigger problem.

Large injectors with poor atomisation works against producing vapor too.  In countries like Brazil where they all run E85 or higher, they use small heated injectors to produce the vapor to allow good cold start.

You may get a little improvement by shifting your injector timing in the cranking/idling region later (say about 200BTDC) so that it is squirting when the intake valve is open and air is rushing past.  But otherwise there is not much you can do except experiment with adding excessive fuel. 


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