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JZX110 Plugin


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I'm Krish, from Brisbane Australia. I'm new to the forum and currently waiting for the JZX110 1jz plugin to be ready. Hoping to be one of the first to run this plugin so I can help promote it to the wider JZX community. Some of you may already know me from JZXWorld, JZXQLD and my small YouTube channel where I post up JZX related content.

Have recently done a full manual conversion on my JZX110 with all new Toyota Genuine parts and keen to start adding power soon. Key to all of this is obviously the Link plugin!

Link rep on Instagram mentioned its 2 months away (about a month ago) but I've had mixed responses for a while now. Do we have any concrete details about when it will be available?


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JZX110 Owner - Very keen on this.

Have followed Krish's build for quite some time - such an awesome quality build.

Currently Auto but have hopes and dreams of a BMW DCT Swap - With the hopes and dreams that Link would be looking into DCT control as either plugin module or as part of the ECU. Pending on price as to go with the LINK option or another route.

Feel like 2020 is the start to DCT swap all the things. 

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I am also a follower of Krish and his channel. I am about to buy an ECU and was looking at the Haltech 2500 but was told to look at LINK. 


I could only find the JZX100 compatible solution and would like to understand when the JZX110 solution will be available?

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A JZX110 plug-in is being worked on but it is still quite a way off and has other projects in front of it.  I suspect the "2 months away" comment that the original poster mentioned may have been for the JZX100 plug-in that was released around that time?  Not sure.  

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Hello all, unfortunately I haven't recieved any further concrete dates from the Link team. I've been in contact with them multiple times through social media. Just today I was asked to email their engineer which I have. 

There is a large demand for this product as there is NO simple plug and play for the JZX110 on the market thats supports the Bean protocol. The only thing that comes close is the StealthPCM but I don't know anyone that has used it. So I am unsure why they aren't bumping this up in priority. 

People have managed to get the AltezzaLink G4+ to work on the 110 with some repinning and that supports some Bean protocol functionality. I personally would prefer to go the g4x route as a proper Plug and Play. 

I don't want to have to do a patch loom to run either Haltech or Link but I need a solution for my build by the end of 2021.

Fingers crossed the Link team is listening!




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Hey mate, the JZS171 Crown is probably the only similar ECU available. Now because the sxe10 altezza, jzs171 crown and jzx110 sit on the same chassis, the plugs across those 3 are the same physical plug, but the pinout is meant to be vastly different in the altezza as they run the 3sge, thats why running the taltx pnp is not ideal as it has to be repinned a fair bit. Auto jzx110 ecu are readily available, but the manual one is hard and costly to come by. They are programmatically very different between the transmissions. There is a big demand for a simple plug and play ecu for this chassis that avoids having to run a patch harness. There is minimal space in the ecu enclosure/holding box in the engine bay.




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It's not too hard to do. Just get the ECU Pinout from a JZX110, put it next to the Pinout from a SXE10 and use a highlighter in green to highlight the ones that will stay and yellow to the ones that will need to be repinned. Put down the Source Pin and Target Pin list and go from there. You will have some spare on the SXE10 side on the Link as some functions don't exist on the JZX110 like an exhaust VVTI. It's not hard but just takes time.

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Yes, I myself ended up with quite a bit left over. I've done mine to a 2JZGTE VVTI out of a JZS161 Aristo.

On the Link/Altezza header, you can free up the following as they are not used on a JZ and if you are using a Wideband like a Link CAN WB.

Header Pin - Function - Description - Link IO
A5 - ACIS - Variable Intake VSV - AUX5
A13 - IGT4 - Ignitor 4 - IGN4         ## Freed up for use later, rewired to connector
A28 - OX1A - B1S1 O2 - ANVOLT1  ## I'm using this for Cruise Control switch
B3 - HT1A - B1S1 O2 Heater - INJ5  ## repinned to existing in engine loom.
B6 - OCV2- - VVTI Exhaust - AUX2
B8 - LCK1 - AC Clutch Lock - DI8
B14 - GEX - CAM Pos Exhaust - DI2
B21 - VG - MAF Input - ANVOLT4
D10 - OX2A - B1S2 O2 - ANVOLT7
D11 - HT2A - B1S2 O2 Heater - INJ6  ## repinned to existing in engine loom.
E3 - FC - Fuel Relay - IGN5             ## I freed this up and rewired the FC Relay to AUX2 (B6) so I can use IGN5 for seq ignition..
E4 - FAN - Fan Relay - IGN6            ## As above, AUX5 (A5) now runs FAN relay so can use IGN6 for seq ignition.
E6 - PRE - AC Pressure Switch - DI7

I've wired in a Deustch connector for these freed up inputs 
DI2    ## Connected to FLEX sensor
SGND - Sensor Ground if needed

Also have the Link Expansion Connector (EXP) which gives the following
ANVOLT8  ## Fuel Pressure
AUX8   ## Boost Control


Hope this helps you get started.

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I have a 2004 IS300, fuel gauge works, but on E85 it gets a little weird, eg gets down to 1/4 tank and then goes back up to 1/2 or something like that randomly. 

Would be interesting to know how you go and if the two systems are that close together wise. I'd suspect they are and as long as the body computer was getting the right parameters on the right MPX frames then golden. 

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The fuel gauge is pretty odd in these, when you initially fill (and possibly after some re-starts or other trigger conditions) they display "fuel level", however when driving they receive fuel consumption data from the ecu and the gauge takes that into account and displays some different metric - I assume something like "distance to empty" or maybe a combination of DTE and the fuel level.

So when they are jumping around in 1/4 tank increments like you describe it usually means the reported fuel consumption from the ecu didnt match the change in fuel level that the gauge measured.   

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Also very keen on pnp. Been waiting for a long time now. Have read that you can purchase a hks patch harness that direct plug in for jzx110 and the ecu side matches the link kurofune. It was designed to be a direct replacement for the v pro. Ive spoke with someone from SA who have done this and it works well. 

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