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With G4+ a MAP is the easiest option.  For an idle valve with ITB's you need some kind of common manifold for the valve so you can just attach your MAP to that.  Load equation set to MAP will take care of baro at the same time too.  I have done this on a few cars now and it works well.  With G4X an alternative option to using MAP to compensate for the idle air is you can use a 4D fuel table with idle position on one axis.  It would be a bit more work to calibrate the table though. 


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It is a g4+ extreme on a Euro s50b32. Car runs for now without vanos as we still have load of wiring work to do. 

So there is a balance bar indeed and we teed onto the fuel pressure reg line for the map signal. I didn't think that the tps fuel table and map in load equation would take BAP change into consideration. 

Map is like 70+ at idle and 55 on overrun! Pretty new to me haha

Now that you say it I remember that a coefficient like map/100 comes into play here. 

All good there then. I had a weakness moment :D

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