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Atlezza to extreme g4+ interface


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hey i could be wrong about this but the altezza pnp ecu has a seprate board to comunicate with the bean nextwork ( dials abs ect) , ive a extreme g4+ and would like to run it in my road car, is it possible to buy the expander box ? or would running it piggy back be my best option ,  i would like all the abs  and trc and all the dials working as they should.

thanks for your help

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Correct, the Altezza plug-in ECU has a CAN to BEAN converter onboard to communicate with the rest of the car.  There are plans to offer a version of this as a standalone module for wire-in ECU's in the future but it is still some time away - possibly a year at a guess.

As far as I know the factory TRC button and light wont work with our Altezza plug-in.

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