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G3+ upgrade


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Hi I am looking at getting a old Linkplus G3 and was wondering about the upgrade to G4 spec.

Is it worth upgrading, it is going onto a Fiat uno turbo engine (in the back of a X1/9) replacing the two computers the current injection uses.

after upgrading what PClink do you use G4 or G4+?.

Thanks in advance for any help




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It can be upgraded to G4 firmware so you will use the G4 PC Link.

It is a very worthwhile upgrade.  

  • G4 PC Link is much better, especially the logging side.
  • You will get internal ECU logging.
  • Many more options for inputs and outputs, virtual auxilaries and timers etc.
  • Many more configurable 2D & 3D tables.
  • Closed loop boost control
  • Quick tune
  • Many general code improvements, performance improvements and bug fixes.
  • Probably lots Ive forgotten about.
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Thank you for your reply.

Now just waiting for the seller to get it out of storage.

For pre purchase checks as it is not in a car and been in storage for two years, I was going to check that it would  power up and connect to pclink, are there any other  things I can do to check it is ok?

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