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Altezza PNP Stalling Issue 3 wire idle valve


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I Have a modfied toyota altezza with the 3sge beams. forged bottom end running 9.0:1 comp and 272/270 cams retaining vvti. I had converted the oem partial drive by wire throttle to full cable throttle hypertune throttle and a 2 wire ford idle valve but had a horrible time with stalling issues. Have replaced this with a bosch 3 wire idle valve and configured it. Car has been tuned on a hub dyno by a tuner who set up all the idle settings and idle igniton etc. the issue im having is coming to a stop  at traffic lights or pulling into a park etc on overrun off throttle, let the revs get down to around 2000rpm and put the clutch in the engine will sometimes freefall past idle and stall. sometimes it will catch fine and hold 950rpm stable idle. Im not sure what else could be wrong or anything obvious on the tune or log files. I have uploaded my current tune and a log file where the car stalls 3 times,

Log file: Starts car at 11 seconds, almost stalls at 3.36, stalls at 12.38 and I can clutch kick it back to running in 1st gear, stalls at 23.54.

This was an internal log file to the ecu I had set up, not direct onto a laptop so hopfully have enough parameters logged. 


If someone could overlay it onto my tune file and have a look if anything is obvious. 




https://www.dropbox.com/s/z9inw0jo2m1go9u/330rwkw Tune.pclr?dl=0

https://www.dropbox.com/s/wrr0ilbgc6bgjsu/Test Drive stalling issue.llg?dl=0

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Your lockouts are too generous so the idle system is kicking in while you are still coasting/overrun, the ecu closes the idle valve trying to bring RPM down under control, then you push in the clutch disengaging the over-run driving effect and your RPM suddenly plunges because the idle valve is nearly fully closed.

So set your lockouts like below should sort most of it.


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