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4g63 Kiggly 12 tooth trigger start problem


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We have Link Evo 8 PnP and Evo 8 4g63 with kiggly racing 12 tooth trigger. And we have problems with engine start. Pops and bangs but no idle.

We made trigger settings and offset calibration with timing light. We tried different settings (i.e. Rising edge on Trigger 2, because it is more centered between Trigger 1 Falling edges)


We saw the strange thing - in direct spark mode timing light blinks every crank rev (2 times per cam rev). In wasted spark mode it blinks twice as often.

I think here is the problem, but I don't understand why it happens.

Trigger scopes and cranking log in attachment.

Kiggly Cranking log.llg Trigger Scope Log 2020-06-18 10;19;42 pm.llg Trigger Scope Log 2020-06-18 4;39;22 pm.llg

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I have seen before a similar case when changing from Evo trigger mode, some part of the trigger 1 settings didnt initialise properly.  Try this:

Set trigger mode to say "Subaru V1-6" - this will overwrite all trigger settings as it is reluctor.  Do a store and power cycle.

Once powered back up, then change the triggermode back to the correct setup as you have it in your screenshot above. 

Let us know if that solves it. 

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