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Link G4+ Link MXG 1.2 dash

Josh Smith

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Hi Adam

Link G4+ P&P Subaru v7-v8 ecu

I have the dash wired to can 1 and setup the can 1 in the ecu to aim mxs dash port 1000 and 20 hz

The problem is the dash cant see any data from the ecu. The dash is a aim brought for link its the new 7" street version 

Also with out realizing I transferred a page and lost all the pages preinstalled it would be good to know how to get them back 

Also having problems with RH cam sensor it works for a while then stops working. looses signal. have removed sensor and tested input to ecu with volt meter. re installed and rotated engine by hand and worked. then run engine and worked long enough to check tdc and carry out vvt cam test and setup on left and right sensors.  then gave up the ghost. frick knows what is going on there 


Thanks Adam

MXG 1.2 Strada.zconfig base map adam.pclr

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