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Any benefits to using MGP over MAP for ignition table?


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I understand the benefits for MGP on the fueling table, where MGP accounts for differences in barometric pressure. I'm wondering if the same concerns ring true for the ignition table?

The reason I ask is in the R32-33 GTST base map, the fuel table uses MGP while the ignition table uses MAP. My intuition is that it makes sense to use the same source for load axis for both tables, and I want to make sure I've set them correctly before tuning ignition. But I'm probably missing something important.

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No, MAP is the most relevant for ignition as that is more closely related to combustion chamber pressure (ho much advance it needs).  MGP works better for the VE table look up.

But you are right, it is often nicer and more intuitive to have the same axes on both fuel and ign tables.  If you dont see large elevation changes in your normal use then its not going to matter - you can use either.  I often put MGP on the ign table, but it is relatively flat around my ways.

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